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Pitch Black Stop Motion Trailer

Stop motion animation trailer for Vin Diesel's Pitch Black, the classic 90's sci-fi thriller | Copyright Georgia Laurette Wilson 2016

Pitch Black

stop motion typographic movie trailer

Pitch Black is one of my favorite movies, dated and cheesy though it is, I love the way it explores the darkness within us all through the lens of interstellar space travel. And aliens. Made with thousands of individual photos this video was meticulously woven together to express the feelings of the trailer with only typography. This piece was a lesson in process as sequences in my head did not always translate to the physical world exactly as I imagined. Many scenes were shot and then reshot to deliver the desired concept.

Materials: Olympus E-420, Premiere, paper, ink, fishtank, casserole dish, paper, lots of xactos

Created in Typography II at SCAD Atlanta Spring 2015.